International women 

“Go back to your own country,” imagine being born and raise in the U.S and was told this. As an Asian American I hear this quite often growing up. Didn’t bother me much because I didn’t understand what they were trying to get at. I was born here and this is my country! I’m an American so what the hell are they talking about. As I’m hearing this from other minority they have all been through this issue. It made me question why would they say this to us or what gives them rights. America is about diversity coming strong together as one. 

If they didn’t want us here then why did they bring us? Why did the American’s heavily bombed my parents country? Why was this a secret? Why didn’t America clean up their misunderstanding of their mistake? Why did it take decades of after 5 U.S president was Laos still ignored by U.S bombs that are still going off till this day since 1960’s-1970’s? There was a lot of question that nobody knew the answer to, play cover up, or just don’t want to talk about it. Going back to my parents roots from the jungle of Laos that was a third world communist country. For all my parents knew, with the help of the Americans they had escape to come to the U.S. 
Born and raised as an Asian American, I was ignorant at one point as to why Asian are the way they are. My curiosity strikes, as I’m being more open minded to learning and listening. I would ask my parents or elders questions and they would tell me stories of them trying to survive living in the jungle of Laos. I respect them so much because all they know is survival mode. I had to understand adapting to the way of life in the U.S for them was very scary, difficult, and frustrating. A lot of people went through a big depression of not knowing what to do or where they belong. 

Living in the jungle of Laos never taught them moral or value ethics that’s why to Americans they are rude. They came from poverty and were never taught the most important step, which is life skills adapting in the U.S. This explains the broken home, bad finances, mental illness, and challenges in everyday life for them. They came from a communist country so there was no leadership or role models to look up to. To the Corporate World, they were never taught work ethic because they only had farmland and the jungle. Understand they will have poor work ethics if there’s no training and skills for them. Most people never had an education or otherwise if they were lucky enough it was very poor education. Some like my Dad had a chance to go to school and some like my Mom never did. That’s why it’s hard for them to comprehend so you can’t get mad at them. Often times they get belittle for not understanding. While this world speaks more then one language, Americans would say with an attitude “do you understand english.”Or “if your going to live here learn how to speak english.” Also, from those who are the most ignorant, “go back to your own country.”

I understand ignorance is also taught, they will put labels instead of trying to understand. They only know what was told and unaware of the truth. Ignorance never had struggle they are very spoiled, selfish, and mentally weak. Ignorance was given on a silver platter that will never understand what “we the people” mean. The strongest people here facing so many challenges in life and had to adapt will make America great! 

As for International Women’s Day, I wanted to be a voice for minority and the people. I never had a role model growing up so I had to be one for my Daughter. I have faced every challenges from being beaten, bullied, belittled, starving, racism, homeless, adapting, broken, poverty, single mom, robbed, lied to, disrespected, cheated on, physically and mentally abuse that nothing can stop me. It have made me stronger with no pity or excuses for myself. I make everything possible so I hate people saying “I can’t” or “it can’t be done.” Everything is possible! 

Times changed, to stop this cycle for our kids because America is not going to fix it self please read, like, and share. 

My mom, sisters, and I having lunch. 


Teach your kids the struggles


To my Lovely Daughter whose growing up to be quite the young women. On your commencement today, I have come to tell you why I rasied you to struggle through your childhood years. It wasn’t easy being around other parents judging and telling me what to do as a parent myself. “Oh why won’t you just buy it for her”, or “why don’t you just give her one.” I choose to rasied you without all the materialistic things so you can be humble and appreciate life. I would have love to give you no structures with the finer things in life like gadgets, electronics, brand name items, the latest trends and styles. If I did, you wouldn’t know what struggle is. In order to survive in life you have to know the meaning of Struggle so you can adapt.  It is a part of the stages in life that is going to make you grow through your battles because only the strong survive. It’s a constant war to find ourselves, securities, love, through negativity, coping through the bad times, and we fall apart. That’s just human but the major building blocks in life is the struggle to strive and hard work. That nothing was ever given until you earned it. As a parent I am your first teacher, therefore I have to teach and prepare you for the tough world. Watching you grow on becoming the women I raised you to be kind, giving, independent, strong, great role model, and wise is all worth living. You are my prize and as long as I am living my Baby you’ll be!

Sojourner 2017 Fashion Show


So glad to donate and be a part of this Sojourner Fashion Show, raising over $200,000. I had the privilege of doing the Host that day and was just so proud and honored. Also, to see her on the Business Journal makes me realize anything is possible if we all come together. Beauty is Power!

Most Important Holiday

Valentine’s Day! Well who would of thought it would be one of the most important day next to Christmas and Thanksgiving. It is celebrated worldwide with different meanings of love and happiness. 

Most people usually think it’s just another Hallmark holiday. St. Valentine’s Day dates back in the 1400’s where some people love was forbidden. Until you have lost your spouse or partner you will know why this day is so important!

Just think as you get older you have your family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Valentine’s Day you either have your significant other or nobody to celebrate with. So it can be lonely and depressing for some. 

We should appreciate the thought of having each other still to cherish and making memories. It’s a day to celebrate romantic love for one another. As some of those who lost their loved ones are heartbroken some are just in love.