Khoture Beauty Lounge is driven by passion from sisters to create the best beauty experience for our clients. Growing up with 5 sisters was chaotic. Poor Dad had a headache from the whining, crying, hair pulling, pestering, and tattle telling. He started buying beauty tools and that had gotten them out of his hair. He then bought more beauty products and makeup. They bonded as sisters even better. Mr. Khotpanya always said, “beauty is the key and a woman should always be put together.”

Khotpanya +Couture=



Khoture Beauty Lounge specializes in the aesthetic of beauty. Ensuring consistency and current needs of each individual’s towards a beautiful healthy nails, skin, and hair. All clients will receive top-notch customer service and free professional advice on maintaining personal self improvement that will keep you coming back. Khoture promotes the quality of life to bring happiness through beauty.