Teach your kids the struggles


To my Lovely Daughter whose growing up to be quite the young women. On your commencement today, I have come to tell you why I rasied you to struggle through your childhood years. It wasn’t easy being around other parents judging and telling me what to do as a parent myself. “Oh why won’t you just buy it for her”, or “why don’t you just give her one.” I choose to rasied you without all the materialistic things so you can be humble and appreciate life. I would have love to give you no structures with the finer things in life like gadgets, electronics, brand name items, the latest trends and styles. If I did, you wouldn’t know what struggle is. In order to survive in life you have to know the meaning of Struggle so you can adapt.  It is a part of the stages in life that is going to make you grow through your battles because only the strong survive. It’s a constant war to find ourselves, securities, love, through negativity, coping through the bad times, and we fall apart. That’s just human but the major building blocks in life is the struggle to strive and hard work. That nothing was ever given until you earned it. As a parent I am your first teacher, therefore I have to teach and prepare you for the tough world. Watching you grow on becoming the women I raised you to be kind, giving, independent, strong, great role model, and wise is all worth living. You are my prize and as long as I am living my Baby you’ll be!


Author: Julie Khotpanya

Lifestyle Blogger/ Stylist

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