Most Important Holiday

Valentine’s Day! Well who would of thought it would be one of the most important day next to Christmas and Thanksgiving. It is celebrated worldwide with different meanings of love and happiness. 

Most people usually think it’s just another Hallmark holiday. St. Valentine’s Day dates back in the 1400’s where some people love was forbidden. Until you have lost your spouse or partner you will know why this day is so important!

Just think as you get older you have your family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Valentine’s Day you either have your significant other or nobody to celebrate with. So it can be lonely and depressing for some. 

We should appreciate the thought of having each other still to cherish and making memories. It’s a day to celebrate romantic love for one another. As some of those who lost their loved ones are heartbroken some are just in love. 


Author: Julie Khotpanya

Lifestyle Blogger/ Stylist

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